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We need your help to keep Jonathan in office and scare away any establishment challengers! Stickland has been your advocate against special interest groups in Austin. Help us send him back!

Today, Texans have the opportunity to stand up against Austin establishment by having every dollar they donate, up to $75,000, matched TWICE!

#1 most conservative

“Stickland was on the frontlines of nearly every fight this session and was a mainstay at the Texas House’s back microphone debating against bills that would threaten Texans’ liberties or expand the size of government. […] As the biggest personality in the Texas Legislature, Stickland both dishes and receives the most heat from his fellow lawmakers. Texans should thank him for standing in the gap and fighting to defend their liberty.”
–Texas Right to Life & Empower Texans

August 25th is the day we send a message to the Austin establishment, we will tirelessly fight to DEFEND TEXAS LIBERTY!


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A moneybomb is where ordinary citizens join together to donate to a candidate on one particular day. This is usually done to prove a point to the political insiders that regular voters do have a voice worth listening to.